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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


When I have the keys to my own prison/jail...
When am my own worst critic that no words would hurt...


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Its 07:32, and our deadline is at 08:00.  Have a 100 posts up by that time or fail, he he he.  So I better go out with a BANG!  Sorry folks I am the worst finisher, did not mean to disappoint, frankly I am too tired to care anymore*runs away*.

Its been a stressful year and a dreadful year overall.  My friends and I agree, we thought 2011 was bad but 2012 takes the winning cup.  We tried though, most of the things were not in our control.  I had a to do list, I have done most of the stuff, surviving till thus far with school, relocating, driving up Chapmans Peak and running every morning.  Okay maybe not running every morning, but I tried.

I may not see God's work in my life at the moment...but I know His keeps an eye on me.  To my late Mom, this is just the beginning, you supported this dream, its still so surreal that you gone.  Now watch how I make you proud.  Such a pity my children will never experience Sunday mornings with you*cues ABBA's Dancing Queen.


This is my second last post of the year.  The blog I had to start for my Media class.  If I ever venture into the blog woods again, hopefully it will be when I am a fashion buyer.  Then I will show you what I truly love, my passion,what I believe is my true calling,  making women look and feel beatiful in clothes.  

I hated having to post here, because I have always maintained am a terrible writer*and I still maintain*, am a reader instead.  Like acting we cannot all be the actors or leads, the needs to be an audience to enjoy the play.  Now that we have that out of the way.  Thank you to my family, my friends and my classmates for always checking out my blogs.  Gosh don't I sound like a retiring queen.  I never wanted this blog, and we all know by now, you cannot anything from the internet.  I hope my future employess won't hold it against me at some point.  And my kids will like seeing or reading this part of their mom's life, when they do find it.  Coz I ain't telling them, he he.

Do you celebrate the things you do have?

Yesterday after writing my Management exam.  While sitting in the shuttle going back to Res I found myself for the first time in a long time thinking, am going to be okay.  Whether I get a job or not next year.  My biggest worry right now is giving up my beloved Cape Town, my Mecca.  This has been in my mind so much lately that I am not taking anything in.

Yes, I do celebrate what I have most of the time.  Sometimes the environment you in, the pressure you put on yourself can make you overlook everything else.
If by any chance I do not come back and my path takes me on another direction...I will celebrate the fact that I came and survived in a foreign country like Cape Town, ALONE.  This is big when you are ME. 

Lord hear my silent prayers, this is where I belong.  Cape Town, my Promised Land.

When you're her age, (over 80) what will matter to you most?

My best friend Khothatso and I have discussed this numerous times.  She says chances are, we will never get married and will end up in some old age home filled with cats. 

I think we will have children, well me rather, and she will spoil them rotten. 

What matters at that age are your false teeth, your spectacles in order to see not read and just being comfortable.  You become a child again.  My grandfather loved jam, marshmallows, drinking sweet tea and fizzy drinks.  If you are lucky, you would be surrounded by your grandchildren and telling them stories*some made up* whilst gardening with them. 

I would presume family and what kind of life you led will matter the most.  The legacy you will leave behind would be more important.  My grandfather had a "motto" on family home gate since I was a child.  It says VUKA UZENZELE which means WAKE UP AND DO IT YOURSELF.  That is the legacy he left us.

My best friend and I in Cala, my grandfather's gate.

Would you break the law to save a loved one?

In this country, that is nothing, I would even kill, well not the way  Shrien Dewani oke killed his wife.  Another kill, the one when someone breaks into your house, I would shoot them without firing the warning shots to protect my family.

Committing a crime is very wrong, and in a country like ours were crime is so high, I should not be encouraging such.  But family is family.
Well, maybe stealing candy for my nephew is as far as I will go.  I am too chicken to go to jail.  

Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

Ha ha ha ha I can't help ithad to laugh.  Babalwa and I pulled an all nighter doing an assignment for PR.  This meant she had to sleep over at my Res which is not allowed.  So we sneaked in and she did not sign in.  This is a huge deal, because never breaks the rules.

We worked till the wee hours of the morning, and ate so much food.  In the morning when she had to leave, we were so scared that security guards would see her. So stayed for a good two hours trying to think of how she could pass without being noticed.
Its worth remembering because besides the terrible assignment we had to do, we had a lovely night.